Alaska Indian Arts is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to the preservation and continuation
of traditional native craft and culture of the Northwest Coast Native Tribes.

Alaska Indian Arts in Haines Alaska

Welcome to Alaska Indian Arts in Haines Alaska.

Alaska Indian Arts in the old Fort Hospital Building in historic Fort Seward in Haines Alaska.  Here you can meet Lee Heinmiller, Greg Horner and Ben Bard.  Lee is the son of one of the Fort Seward purchasers and is the head of Alaska Indian Arts.  Greg is a silver carving specialist making fabulous bracelets.  He also makes woodcarvings and small prints with Native designing. 

Fort Seward was the first permanent army fort built in Alaska in 1904 as a peacekeeping fort - keeping the peace between settlers, miners, Natives, and fish canneries, as well as with the Canadians.  The fort was purchased by a group of World War II veterans whose vision was to make an arts center in Alaska.  To a great extent they succeeded as they were instrumental in reviving Native art and totem carving and creating a visitor attraction.